A Resolute Failure!


School holidays are coming to an end, and like most people thoughts are starting to turn towards Christmas.  I know, I’m sorry I said that word, I didn’t mean to! However I’ve been thinking about the New Year and the loose resolutions I made. (more…)


Nivea Face Sun Cream Review!

I was looking for purse friendly sun protection for my face and came across the Nivea Face Sun Cream, so I thought …


A Rant about my Blog!

Well not really my blog, it’s about blogging.  About people following and unfollowing you or me!


Rimmel BB Cream Review!

Wow it’s a warm one today, but I’m not moaning 😉  When the weather is warm like today, I really don’t like …


5 Tips for a Healthy Mind!

I wasn’t going to do a second blog again this week.  For various reasons I’ve been feeling a bit negative but thought …